New Arrival! Rendez-Vous Vin de France

New Arrival! Rendez-Vous Vin de France

Exiting times ahead for us, with the recent arrival of our first Vin de France to the Senses At wine portfolio!

Vin de France is a designation for table wine from France, that has been in use since 2010, when it started to replace the former Vin de Table category. Vin de France wines may indicate grape variety (For example Chardonnay or Merlot) and vintage on the label, but are not labelled by region or appellation; they are labelled only as coming from France. This means that the wines are typically sold under brand names or as branded varietal wines. [Ref. Wikipedia]

Introducing Rendez-Vous, a fun and easy going Malbec produced by Julien Mingot (Vignoble Mingot), who decided to play some early cards with the still young Malbec vineyards, which are designated to the Pur range in years to come, when these vines reach sufficient maturity for Vin-Nature handling.

Vin de France just made sense for this style of wine, showcasing the popular variety with somewhat of a ‘no need to overthink it’ concept, bringing a Malbec that expresses the sincere and seductive character of the varietal.

Rendez-Vous came about when Julien (Producer) and Dennis (Senses At Wine Co.) met last year in Paris, initiating discussion regarding the young vine Malbec, concluding that their meeting/rendezvous had given fruit to the creation of this range; essentially, simplicity with style.

A Votre Santé!

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