New Producer! Vinos Gustavo Martínez from Chile

New Producer! Vinos Gustavo Martínez from Chile

Pipeño’s up

new kid on the block

While standing at Itata Valley, located about 470 km South of Santiago in the South-Central zone of Chile, impacts the magnitude of how forestry industry has covered-up the landscape. Far in the horizon, your sight will get lost with endless crops of Radiata Pines. However, at the beginning of the last century this scene was completely different. In between native trees, the wild vines were the ones spreading around those lands, exhibiting their great adaptation and yield at this dry farm coastal area with granitic soil, in addition of high radiation. In those days, this vines accounted for the rural wine-making activity, bringing to the table o local people the traditional Pipeño style wine, crafted by artisanal methods upon deep cultural roots, half-bred from aboriginal and colonist knowledge. Today, that old picture strongly contrast with the prevailing modern wine industrialization, many times forgetful of the ancient hand-making way. From this clash Vinos Gustavo Martínez (VGM) arised to promote Pipeño towards a cultural renaissance, becoming part of the vigorous movement of producers aware of its potential, communicating this perception step up from the popular secret to a high end gourmet product. The philosophy behind his work insists on pre-modern aspects of wine-making, such as the uniqueness of artisanal methodology combined with working together with the rural community.


In 2015 Gustavo produced his first wine; 450 bottles inspired by his fruitful experience with the community of wine growers of the Portezuelo locality. “Trancoyan” was 100% carbonic maceration and with the País grape. From this point VGM became part of the vibrating movement of Pipeño lovers: A brilliant generation of Chilean winemakers smashing the scene with a remastered wine style, full of work and talent. Then on 2016 he moved to Florida with 6,000 lts of vinification capacity and a selection of 4 natural vines of País, Moscatel, Cinsault and Cariñera (Carignan), chosen accordingly to his agroecological profile, which is the force idea of all his products. During the whole crop seasons, Gustavo kept on a close professional and personal relationships with the vineyards owners, providing them recommendations about appropriate soil conservation and grape handling in order to suffice natural wine standard, such as grape de-stemming by hand, the skin contact duration with wine must (14 to 20 days for Trancoyan), the barreling with used wood (Five fermentation cycles for Trancoyan) and the absence of any filtering or extra chemical process. In that way, the fruit and the native yeasts of the Itata Valley are the preponderant ingredients of VGM wines, praising the sense of belonging.


The resultant wines are remarkable. Because it’s not only their singularity and faithful expression of the Chilean country side but also the achieved overall quality. One by one: The Moscatel is the white, sparkling and survivor of the giants bush fires that plagued that area during summer 2017, showing ashed and smoked notes that instead of harming were outstandingly twisted into uniqueness and unexpected honesty of wine facing catastrophic events. As traditionally made hundred of years ago, their bubbles are 100% naturals driven by bottle fermentation. It follows the Cariñera, which is the full red body of the flight provided with a solid structure, salty taste and the natural virtue to be preserved in time. Cinsault is the rockstar, light and intense, with an astonishing freshness and grooving drinking rhythm. It’s a youthful celebration. Lastly, País, which as humble as the creole farmer with his weathered skin, amalgamates the joy and sadness the soil working. This middle body red holds the ruby shine and drown the anguish in a fruity . Certainly the time-honored exponent of Chilean wine.


Underneath the admirable expressiveness and cultural renaissance of these wines, shouldn’t be forgotten what they are shouting: Progress without forgetfulness. Because on those old roots the senses rest. Gustavo Martínez has designed post-modern wines which open a window to kindness of past times, when was all about collective wisdom, true need, fragrance and taste. VGM wines are now part of Senses At portfolio, available in their four varieties personally worked by Gustavo Martínez. Pipeño’s swell has reached Australian shores.