Event: Chile Roadshow 2018

Event: Chile Roadshow 2018

After some final tweaks to a Pisco Waqar Sour, twisted with a touch of fresh pineapple to pair up with a lemon tart and pineapple component (Pie de Limón con Piña), Sommelier Dennis Roman introduced a selection of four Chilean wines and two Pisco Waqar concoctions, to the audience exclusively invited to the Chile Roadshow 2018 event.

Highlights: Guests enjoyed a thrilling five course degustation dinner designed by Chef Francesco Mannelli in collaboration with Roman, that brought the delightful flavours of Chile to Sydney for the night. In addition to the food menu, some great cocktails were prepared based on Pisco Waqar with wines to match each dish and followed by a fun options game with a blind tasting lead by Senses At’s Sommelier. The event focused on presenting a combination of flavours that would represent regional diversity of the long thin country, to Sydney based tourism authorities and specialised press, whom were taken on this amazing sensorial journey.

This event happened on Wednesday 8th of August at the Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney CBD.

Here are some images… Caldillo de Marisco con Merken (Seafood shell broth with a sprinkle of Merken spice), Cerdo Negro con Zapallo y Bettarraga (Berkshire Pork with Pumpkin and Beetroot)

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